Vivre dans l’ombre

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Living in the shadow

This photographic project is the result of several weeks spent in Tanzania with young children with albinism. Throughout photographic study of these young people and their particular condition which makes them extremely vulnerable to the sun, I explore the delicate balance between man and the violence of the elements that surround him. In this case: light.

In a country as sunny as Tanzania, albino people struggling to survive. The skin cancer outweighs most of them before the age of 40.

The contrast between their typical African physiognomy and the whiteness of their skin reminds us how adapted we are to our environment. To what extent any biological change makes us vulnerable.

The lack of pigmentation in their skin required them to live in the shadow, or as is the case too often to burn their skin slowly under the sun.

It is precisely this vulnerability to elements that I wanted to show. This desire to remain hidden.

But the sun is not the only threat that albino people have to face. The trade of bodies and the barbaric crimes committed against them are all too common in recent years in Tanzania.

Dozens of them were killed in what appears to be a complex mix of ancient African beliefs and a sordid way to makes money . This murderous madness condemns albino people to live in scare and the fear of being attacked.

Government to protect the children isolated them in secure but poor boarding schools.

Each image in this series is playing with shadows to illustrates the fragility and vulnerability of these children to the elements and in a metaphorical way, to their peers.